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Welcome to the sunny suburb of Montclair, CA

If you’re looking for the classic California lifestyle without the steep housing costs and mile-a-minute pace, Montclair is the ideal city for you.

This city of about 40,000 residents is nestled in San Bernardino County’s Pomona Valley. Montclair is also part of Southern California’s so-called Inland Empire, a 27,000-square mile region that includes the Riverside–San Bernardino–Ontario metropolitan area.

It is bordered by Claremont to the north, Pomona to the west, Chino to the south, and Ontario to the east. Thanks to its proximity to major roads like California State Routes 60, 83, and 71, getting around is a breeze. For instance, Montclair is only about an hour’s drive from major cities like Los Angeles, Riverside, Anaheim, and Santa Ana.

Having established where Montclair is, it’s time to look at who this city is for. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the diversity of its population. According to Census.gov, about 70% of locals have Hispanic descent and over 60% of households speak a language other than English. There’s also a sizable Asian population here, which accounts for about 10% of the city’s residents.

Montclair is a relatively new city, having only been incorporated in 1956. Fittingly, the community has a youthful population, with about 60% of its residents being between 18 to 65 years of age. It attracts many young professionals who are looking for a more affordable place to live while still being fairly close to major cities. A lot of growing families also move here in search of bigger homes, lower cost of living, and a child-friendly environment.

Considered to be a bedroom community, Montclair has many residents who work in nearby cities by day but come home to its suburban tranquility by night. People here enjoy a slower pace of living and appreciate the peaceful atmosphere, tight-knit community, and family-friendly amenities.

If you’re interested in moving to Montclair, Sell Smart Real Estate has prepared this comprehensive guide for you.

History of Montclair, CA

Despite being in a semi-arid area, Montclair served as a citrus grove for a huge chunk of its history—proof that great things can happen through determination and resourcefulness. Today, it is a vibrant city where families and dreams thrive. To better appreciate Montclair’s appeal, take a look at its brief history:

  • Prehistory: The Serrano Native Americans are the first known inhabitant of the area that would become Montclair. They established a village along a creek in what is now known as Mills Avenue.
  • 1774: Captain Juan Bautista de Anza names the creek Arroyo de Los Alisos (Stream of Sycamores). He would return to the area in 1776 as part of the storied trek that established the Juan Bautista de Anza Trail.
  • 1800s: Like most of California, the land surrounding Arroyo de Los Alisos was primarily used for cattle grazing during the 1800s.
  • 1897: The area is officially named Township of Marquette, signaling the start of land development in the area.
  • 1900s: A Los Angeles-based land developer named Emil Firth names a 1,000-acre tract Monte Vista and begins developing a residential settlement. This also marks the beginning of Southern California’s citrus-growing era.
  • 1956: The settlement grows substantially after World War II, leading to its incorporation as a city. However, since another city in California was already named Monte Vista, the area was renamed Montclair instead.
  • Present Day: Montclair has become a coveted address for both young families and ambitious professionals. Its population represents the cultural diversity that makes Southern California such a fascinating place to live in.

Homes for sale in Montclair, CA

According to Niche.com, Montclair is classified as a dense suburban community, making it a peaceful neighborhood that has all the amenities of a city.

Given its strategic location and high quality of life, it’s unsurprising that homes here command a premium. Data from Realtor.com shows that the average listing price in Montclair is $500,000—almost 40% higher than the national average of $340,000.

Still, the city is one of the more affordable places to live in California, given that the state’s median home price now sits at over $700,000. Buying a home here is a wise investment, too, as property prices have soared 11% year on year.

Montclair’s real estate market offers diverse options for buyers and investors alike. Below are the most in-demand properties in the area:

  • Single-family homes

    Median listing price: $500,000

    Buyers looking for more space should consider purchasing a single-family home in Montclair. Boasting spacious yards, well-thought-out floor plans, and proximity to great schools, these properties are the ideal investment for growing families. There are existing homes ready for purchase, but new constructions are also worth a look. A typical single-family home has around four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and measures about 2,000 square feet on average.

  • Condominium units

    Median listing price: $365,000

    If you’re working with a smaller budget or looking for a starter home, a condo unit is an excellent choice. These dwellings are located in multi-family developments and are often located closer to downtown Montclair. A great perk of living in condos is that most maintenance work is handled by the building manager, as repairs are often covered by your homeowners’ association (HOA) fee. Most condo listings in Montclair have two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms, with a typical floor space of 1,200 square feet.

  • Luxury homes

    Median listing price: $750,000

    Those who enjoy the finer things in life would do well to invest in a luxury home. With their expansive lots and one-of-a-kind architecture, these properties are a sight to behold and a delight to live in. Their prices might be steep, but you get to enjoy top-notch amenities such as resort-style pools, chef’s kitchens, and high-tech entertainment systems, among others. Many buyers also get a luxury home as an investment, renting it out and using the proceeds to generate passive income. Houses in this price range often come with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a typical floor space of 2,500-3,000 square feet.

Featured properties

Whatever your needs or preferences are, there’s a dream home waiting for you in Montclair. Here is but a small sample of the great properties available in the city:

  • 4556 Hawthorne Street, Montclair, CA 91763
    Listing price: $580,000

    This five-bedroom home sits on an expansive 7,725 square-foot lot and boasts not one but two master suites. Recently renovated for greater comfort and energy efficiency, the property features an all-new water softener system, centralized HVAC, water heater, double-pane windows, and Tesla solar panels. It even has a living room fireplace, giving your family the perfect spot to unwind. Centrally located on Hawthorne Street, it is minutes away from the Montclair Place mall and is within walking distance of great schools like Montclair High.

  • 5419 El Morado Street, Montclair, CA 91763
    Listing price: $540,000

    Bright and beautiful best describes this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. With an expansive yard planted with palm trees, this abode evokes a distinct summer vibe that captures Southern California’s balmy climes. The spacious extra room is the ideal place to set up a home office or study room, while the huge driveway lets you park not just cars but RVs and boats, too. It’s also just a short drive to the popular Montclair Place mall, as well as to great restaurants and top-rated schools.

  • 5058 Orchard Street, Montclair, CA 91763
    Listing price: $485,000

    It’s hard to miss this charming home on Orchard Street, with its white walls and red shingles reminiscent of Spanish Colonial architecture. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this property is ideal for growing families who need more space and privacy. It also has a large bonus room accessible from the back of the house, which can be used as a guest room or a rental property. Just a short drive from key highways, the house gives residents easy access to malls, grocery stores, schools, and other daily essentials.

Living in Montclair, CA

Moving to Montclair means you can enjoy a little bit of everything. It offers the peaceful atmosphere of a suburb, but is only a short drive to bustling cities like L.A. It has all the urban conveniences you’d find in a modern city, yet it’s also a gateway to outdoor destinations like Mount San Antonio (referred to by locals simply as Mt. Baldy). Is it any wonder why Montclair is one of Niche.com’s 10 best suburbs for young professionals? To better understand what living here is like, take a look at this overview:

  • Cost of living

    The overall cost of living in Montclair is about 14% lower than the state average, giving you great savings on everyday necessities like groceries, services, healthcare, and utilities. Likewise, the cost of a home in Montclair is about 30% lower than the state median price, so you get more square footage per dollar. If you want to live the California lifestyle without the exorbitant price tag, Montclair is the perfect choice.

  • Employment

    While Montclair may be considered a bedroom community, it still offers attractive employment opportunities for new residents. As per DataUSA.io, the biggest job sectors in the city are business administration, logistics, and sales. Job growth in the city has been positive, with BestPlaces.net noting an increase of 2.3% year on year. Montclair’s excellent location also allows you to enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle while pursuing an exciting career in nearby bigger cities like Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Santa Ana. According to Census.gov, the median household income in Montclair is about $62,000.

  • Schools

    The city of Montclair is served by the Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD), which has received over a dozen awards including two California Distinguished School merits. It’s committed to providing world-class education to its student body through comprehensive programs like athletics, Mandarin language immersion, STEM tracks, and visual arts. OMSD serves over 21,000 students across two cities, and supervises 26 elementary schools, six middle schools, and two alternative programs. It is also home to International Baccalaureate Schools, as well as several renowned magnet schools. Class sizes are kept fairly small to maximize learning, with a student-teacher ratio of 23:1.

  • Weather

    Few places in the country can rival California’s balmy climes, and residents of Montclair absolutely love the sunny weather here. The city gets about 278 sunny days a year and just 38 inches of rain, leading BestPlaces.net to give it a Comfort Index rating of 8.8/10. Summer temperatures typically hover around 87°F, making for warm but not scorching weather. Meanwhile, the winter season is usually mild and cool, with temperatures averaging around 71°F. If you plan to do some house hunting in the city, the months of May to October offer the most pleasant weather.

  • Amenities

    Part of Montclair’s family-friendly appeal is its excellent amenities. Alma Hofman Park, for instance, has recreational facilities like a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and mini-skate park. The Montclair Community Fruit Park, meanwhile, allows visitors to pick ripe fruit fresh from the trees. And Montclair Place, an indoor shopping mall with over 100 merchants, is a great weekend destination where your family can shop, dine, and relax. With the city’s convenient amenities, you won’t have to travel far to have a great time.

Make the move to Montclair, CA

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