My husband and I first started working with Julian about 4 years ago. Our credit was not the best, but we wanted to get into the market before prices went sky high. Well, it just wasn’t the right time. But Julian was always available to us to answer any questions we had about the home buying process, what kind of credit score we should aim for and how much we should look at to put down. He responded quickly and could answer any questions we had about the different types of loans (FHA vs conventional, etc). Well, finally about 2 months ago, we contacted Julian again, because this time we were ready! We went one day and saw a home we fell in love with, but it was just out of our budget. Julian always told us, if it’s meant to be it will be. And he was RIGHT! After an interesting turn of events, we were able to get the home we loved for a price we loved! And we credit it all to Julian’s DECADES of experience. We are so thankful to Julian and his team for turning our dreams into a reality. If you want a realtor who is patient, honest, experienced, and will work closely with you, call Julian, because you can’t go worng.

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